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Rev. 14:14-20

4/13/10 This passage strongly recalls Joel 3, which is a scene of judgment upon the wicked. Also Is 63 the first verses are in view in the passage.

The overall picture is of God rescuing his people, those who called out to him from under the altar in Rev 6:9. Jesus comes wearing a victory crown (stephanos) as opposed to a crown of rule (diadema), which he will wear later.

The earth is ripe. The cup of wickedness has been filled to overflowing, and the righteous have been proven. The Greek work used to describe the ripe righteous is xaraino, which is dried up like grain ready for harvest. The word used for the ripeness of the wicked is akmazo, which is a flourishing fullness.

The angel that reaps the wicked is the one with authority over fire. There’s another angel with authority over water (Rev 16:5). Maybe there’s one over the earth. Earth, fire, water?

The reference to the depth of blood is a figure of speech for the wholesale and complete destruction as well as to the great number of the wicked. No one is really sure the number 1,600 stadia is particularly significant. It may not have symbolic value as a specific detail, but gives a general sense of the massive nature of the destruction.

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