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Rev. 22:18-22

6/9/10 Jesus is still speaking via his angel and signs the document with his testimony. Then he adds a solemn warning not to tamper with it. This is the same command he gave for the Ten Commandments in the OT. As Jon Paulien points out, few people would consider cutting and pasting in the Bible, but most of us  ignore large portions or are unfamiliar with what it says. This is in effect subtracting from the words of the book. Others think things are written in the Bible that are not, which is effect adding to it. It’s not worth it. The cost is eternal life. We must know our Bibles!

Jesus again states as a foregone conclusion, “I am coming quickly.” And John responds with anticipation.

This brings to a close this devotional study. Find devotional commentaries on other books of the Bible at Also find information about my book on Revelation.

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