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Rev. 22:13-17

6/8/10 Jesus is all: first, last, beginning, end. All creation, all salvation is wrapped up in what he has done. The universe still doesn’t completely undersand the implications of why God allowed sin to enter and how life will never be the same because of how God will be revealed and his character vindicated and illustrated by what Jesus has done.

A blessing is pronounced upon all who accept Jesus’ sacrifice. Washing robes is a reference to washing them in the blood of the Lamb. Our sinful lives are cleansed by the sacrifice of Jesus. The phrase “wash their robes” is nearly identical in the Greek to “keep the commandments.” These two concepts are just as closely related in reality. Those who do wash their robes will once again have the privilege of eternal life and access to God’s throne face to face with him.

On the other hand, those who will experience eternal separation from him are the dogs. This may well be an allusion to Deut 23:18, which equates dogs with male, homosexual prostitutes. The Adventist commentary suggest that it may simply refer to a generally vile, shameless person, those who practice in the occult, those who have loose moral standards not just sexually but spiritually.

Sexual immorality in Revelation is symbolic for those who are unfaithful to God. Murderers are those who refuse to love. Idolaters are those who recognize themselves as lord of their own lives instead of God. Liars the those who refuse to be authentic about their true nature.

All of this book Jesus signs now with his own signature. He is the root and descendant of David. In other words, he fulfills every prophecy pointing to the Lamb of God. He is David’s father and son. He asked the Pharisees the question, “How can the Messiah be both David’s father and son?” and they were stumped. Spiritual things are understand spiritually.

He is also the bright morning star. Again, this may be point to the prophecies. The Messiah was recognized by many by his star in the east.

The Spirit, God himself, invites us as individuals to come. Also the bride, the holy city, beckons us to come. And all who are already saved also invite us to come. All who are thirsty, even you (the word is singular), are invited to eternal new life. There is not cost to access the kingdom. It has been paid.

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Rev. 2:12-17

2/14/10 V. 12, Now Jesus addresses some words to Pergamum. He is speaking as the word of God with authority. He comes not to bring peace but a sword that cuts two ways.

V. 13, God knows the situation. He knows that Satan is everywhere and even has much control. Many held true to God, but the church was becoming corrupt.

V. 14, The teaching of Balaam to Balak was how to corrupt God’s people. He counseled him to slowly move them to idol worship by sending women among them to capture the lusts of the men, and in their immorality to be drawn away from following God. Stumbling block in the Greek is “skandalon,” scandal meant to offend. And fornication here is “porneusai,” where, presumably, we get our word pornography from.

V. 15, Also among the church were were those who held the belief that their actions were not very important, that their soul was not negatively affected by evil actions.

V. 16, If things don’t change, says God, then his word will wreak havoc among them.

V. 17, Those who do repent and overcome the evil creeping in will receive some of the hidden manna, the miraculous bread from heaven, which is spiritual life. Also God will reward him with a white stone and a new name, a new Christlike character.

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