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Rev. 19:17-21

5/11/10 John sees an angel standing in the sun, which may be Jesus or a separate herald. The one who looks like the sun is Jesus, so this angel may be standing hear him or it may be him. This angel stands “constantly” in the sun. He called out to the birds to come to the feast, which is the alternative to the wedding feast of the Lamb. At this feast there is to be total destruction.

This call to the birds is an ancient language of personal combat. See, for instance, David and Goliath’s verbal sparring where they threaten to feed each other to the birds.

Next John sees the beast, the same beast as Rev 17 probably, and the kings of the earth. The other beast, the sea beast who is also the prostitute Babylon, has, by this point in the story, been destroyed by the scarlet beast. Now, the people see Jesus and the armies of heaven and they know they are doomed. They assemble to fight for their lives, but they are easily captured by Jesus.

The allusions here are to Eze 39 where it says that Topheth has been prepared. That was the place of human sacrifices offered to Molech. So Jesus, by the word or sword of his mouth, creates a lake of fire and burns them, and those not included in this fire are struck down by his glory and his word.

In the end, after all of the plages have devastated the planet and taken it nearly to complete ruin, this fire now finish it it off. The world is once again an abyss without form and void like it was in the beginning.

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Rev. 18:14-19

5/6/10 The fruit (results) you have desired, which would likely be unopposed rule, is now obviously not going to happen. Once the saints were eradicated her authority and power would have been complete, and she gets very close to accomplishing her purposes. But something happens. The world will at once come to hate her and at the same time mourn over her destruction, for she was their last hope. They take up a figurative lament as they think of all they have lost by her destruction.

As they watch her crumble they do not assist her for they brought about her destruction. And according to v. 17 it happens in one hour, also stated earlier as one day, signifying a short time rather than a specific time.

The phrase “threw dust on their heads” recalls some Old Testament images, for instance Joshua 7 is the story of the defeat of Israel by Ai when Israel rebelled against God. It also recalls Job’s three friends mourning Job’s losses. The were “confused” friends. Also Lamentations uses similar imagery.

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Rev. 18:7-8

5/3/10 Babylon, at the end of the sixth trumpet and just before the seventh, will be at the height of her power. It appears that her scheme to rule the world unopposed even by the people of God is about to happen. She boasts, “I sit as queen.” The reality is, though, that the bride of Christ is queen. Babylon is a counterfeit. She says she is not a widow, that her husband is God himself. But God commands her doom.

Isaiah 47 is the language used here. God will make his true bride his queen. He will bring on the plagues he has held back. They come quickly in one day (or one hour in other places). It’s doubtful this is a precise time indication but rather a symbol of speed in general. Her pride and luxury will be suddenly stripped from her, her support from the nations of the earth will fall away. She will be burned. This is figurative since an organization can’t really be burned, although things associated with the organization may be literally burned.

And this is all brought about by God who is strong. Babylon, comparatively speaking, never was strong.

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Rev. 18:4-6

5/2/10 Even to the very end God’s people will be called out of Babylon. Obviously, this is before probation closes. To this point in the deception, apparently, some have not yet heard the call to come out. They are God’s people and they will hear it, but they are still a part of the deception. But the plagues that will destroy Babylon are soon to begin. Why? Because her sins are “glued together” up to heaven.

Is 52 and Jer 50 and 51 are the allusions here. These chapters describe in brutal detail how God will punish Babylon. With the sins piled up to heaven this might even be an image of the tower of Babel.

Justice requires punishment that is equal to the crime, so God pays her reward according to her deeds. That is what the seven bowls were all about. They were God’s judgments on Babylon.

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Rev. 17:1-2

4/24/10 One of the seven angels (the one with the sixth bowl, we later discover) tells John to come and be shown the judgment of the great prostitute who sits on many waters. John doesn’t see her yet. He is just told to come see.

The great prostitute is shown to him in Rev 17:3 and it is the woman sitting on the scarlet beast who is Babylon Rev 17:5, the great city Rev 17:5. The many waters she sits on are the Euphrates River, which represents peoples, multitudes, nations, and languages Rev 17:15. They are her resources. The harlot is an allusion to Is. 1:21, which says, “How the faithful city has become a harlot, she who was full of justice! Righteousness once lodged in her, but now murderers.”

This woman had once been a faithful church to Jesus Christ, but no longer. Now she “sits” on many waters, her resources, those who support her (see Jer 50:35-38).

The kings of the earth, the nations, come into some kind of illicit relationship with her, presumably because both they and the church thought this would be mutually beneficial. So the prostitute, apostate Christianity, hooks up with the nations of the world. It is a union of church of state. But the inhabitants of the world are just drunk and confused by all of these developments.

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Rev. 16:19-21

4/23/10 The great city, Babylon, is split into its three original parts: the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. The false prophet is the U.S. but it is part of the religious Babylon because it has become a religious figure in some sense.

Also the cities (plural) of the nations fall. The rest of the nations of the world break their unity and there is worldwide division, chaos, and carnage, as they attack one another with the weapons they were going to use against the saints. It is God who is controlling all of this.

At this climax of earth’s wickedness, and after showing over and over that people are unwilling to repent of their wickedness, Jesus finally comes. The earth itself begins to move. Islands sink, mountains melt, huge hailstones fall, and inhabitants of the earth react by cursing God.

It will have been made abundantly clear that God is on the side of his persecuted people and that the wicked are wrong, but they blaspheme God. The line of demarcation is clear between those choosing God and those rejecting him.

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Rev. 16:17-18

4/22/10 Seventh Angel: Finally, the seventh angel pours his bowl out upon the air. And then a loud voice comes out of the naos, Most Holy, saying, “It is done.” This is the second great event where these words are spoken by God. The first time was the judgment on Satan and his forces of evil at the cross. Now, the judgment of everyone in the world is complete. Satan showed his true colors at the cross, the wicked have shown theirs in the plagues. So it is done. This is what God has intended to accomplish: judgment that is clear to the universe.

Great noise, lightning, and thunder come from the throne room and the mightiest earthquake ever rocks the world. Is it a literal earthquake? It could be, but from the text it doesn’t have to be. Because what splits apart is the great city, which is a symbol. So the earthquake could easily represent the miraculous intervention of God to save his people, whatever that may look like.

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