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Rev. 22:10-12

6/7/10 The angel, speaking directly for Jesus verbatim, tells John not to seal up the book. This is the opposite of the command given to Daniel to seal up the book about the 2,300 days because it concerned the distant future. The implication in “do not seal,” is actually a command to publish the book for everyone to read. Daniel’s time prophecies are finished. The prophecy is about to be understood. The end times have begun and Jesus’ return is immanent.

The freewill God has given to man is to be respected as their choice, particularly at the close of probation. We are sealed permanently in our choice for or against God. Jesus is bringing his rewards with him at his second coming. And that reward will be based on the deeds of every person, both good and bad.

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Rev. 10:3-7

3/18/10 The angel with the open scroll now calls out in a deep, loud, resonant voice (descriptions evident in the particular Greek word used), but apparently his words are not understandable or perhaps they aren’t words at all but just a signal shout. In response the seven thunders, presumably from the throne of God as they are in the other other instances before the judgments of God, sound. (Seals in Rev 4:5, trumpets in Rev 8:4-5, temple opened in Rev 11:19, and plagues in Rev 16:18).

John understood the seven thunders and was about to write them down but is told not to. According to the research of William Shea in DRCS V. 6 (DARCOM) it seems most likely that these were announcing a series of judgments that were cancelled. Instead, later the seven bowl plagues take their place immediately before the Second Coming.

Then in imagery that is obviously parallel to Daniel 12, the angel raises his right hand to heaven and swears an oath by the eternal God. In Dan 12 the scroll is sealed up until the time of the end. In Rev 10 the scroll has been unsealed because what John is seeing in vision is the time of the end. It’s the time of the seventh and last trumpet.

The angel’s oath include a strong allusion to the fourth commandment, which means this judgment theme is centering in the commandments and the Sabbath commandment in particular. This becomes even more clear in the parallel passage of the first angel’s message. This is obvious from the text. The angel declares in his oath “there will be no more chronos, no more passage of time,” which is what Dan 12 was all about–the time prophecies of Daniel. This end of the time prophecies signals the beginning of the end, when the mystery of God, the preaching of the gospel, will be accomplished.

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