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Rev. 21:22-27

6/4/10 In this city was no naos, the sanctuary portion of the temple. The sanctuary was the visible representation of God’s presence among his people. Now that God is there no representation is needed. The capital of the universe has been moved to earth.

As the city comes down Zech 14 describes how Jesus’ feet touch the Mount of Olives and spreads and flattens out a huge plain for the city.

The sun and moon do not necessarily disappear from the earth. If Isaiah 24 can be taken as a literal picture of the new earth then there will still be evening and morning and even seasons. But in the city things are constant. The light of the sun and the moon make no visible impact on the city because the light of the Lamb and God overpower all other light. Therefore it would be reasonable to expect that night still comes in the rest of the earth.

In v. 24 the nations and the kings of the earth are a description of the redeemed, not the wicked, as these terms refer to earlier in Revelation. Earth is restored and God’s people rule. We come to the holy city bringing with us the glory God has given to us.

The city is still the most holy place on the earth. Although the earth is recreated and perfect, the place God dwells is special. The nearer one comes to God the more holy everything is. Nothing unclean will ever enter the city.

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Rev. 11:1-2

3/20/10 The vision of Rev 10 continues for two verses into Rev 11. John is given a measuring rod with which to measure the temple. This obviously isn’t the literal temple since it had been destroyed by this time, and because John was exiled on Patmos. This is obviously symbolic and John is participating in the vision. He was to measure the temple, the altar, and the worshipers there. It’s an affirmation that God is in control and that he and his people are going to come though these terrible things.

But the outer court is given to the Gentiles, those who rebel against God, who say they are Jews but are not and are of the synagogue of Satan. They are going to tread underfoot for 42 months the holy city, which is a symbol for the people of God.

In Rev 10 John saw that the time would come when the time prophecies of Daniel would be unsealed, the people would be excited then disappointed, and then go prophesy again. They would then be directed to a closer study of the sanctuary, which would help them undersand what they had misunderstood before.

This in fact happened after the great disappointment in 1844 when Jesus didn’t return as expected.

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