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Rev. 16:17-18

4/22/10 Seventh Angel: Finally, the seventh angel pours his bowl out upon the air. And then a loud voice comes out of the naos, Most Holy, saying, “It is done.” This is the second great event where these words are spoken by God. The first time was the judgment on Satan and his forces of evil at the cross. Now, the judgment of everyone in the world is complete. Satan showed his true colors at the cross, the wicked have shown theirs in the plagues. So it is done. This is what God has intended to accomplish: judgment that is clear to the universe.

Great noise, lightning, and thunder come from the throne room and the mightiest earthquake ever rocks the world. Is it a literal earthquake? It could be, but from the text it doesn’t have to be. Because what splits apart is the great city, which is a symbol. So the earthquake could easily represent the miraculous intervention of God to save his people, whatever that may look like.

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