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Rev. 22:13-17

6/8/10 Jesus is all: first, last, beginning, end. All creation, all salvation is wrapped up in what he has done. The universe still doesn’t completely undersand the implications of why God allowed sin to enter and how life will never be the same because of how God will be revealed and his character vindicated and illustrated by what Jesus has done.

A blessing is pronounced upon all who accept Jesus’ sacrifice. Washing robes is a reference to washing them in the blood of the Lamb. Our sinful lives are cleansed by the sacrifice of Jesus. The phrase “wash their robes” is nearly identical in the Greek to “keep the commandments.” These two concepts are just as closely related in reality. Those who do wash their robes will once again have the privilege of eternal life and access to God’s throne face to face with him.

On the other hand, those who will experience eternal separation from him are the dogs. This may well be an allusion to Deut 23:18, which equates dogs with male, homosexual prostitutes. The Adventist commentary suggest that it may simply refer to a generally vile, shameless person, those who practice in the occult, those who have loose moral standards not just sexually but spiritually.

Sexual immorality in Revelation is symbolic for those who are unfaithful to God. Murderers are those who refuse to love. Idolaters are those who recognize themselves as lord of their own lives instead of God. Liars the those who refuse to be authentic about their true nature.

All of this book Jesus signs now with his own signature. He is the root and descendant of David. In other words, he fulfills every prophecy pointing to the Lamb of God. He is David’s father and son. He asked the Pharisees the question, “How can the Messiah be both David’s father and son?” and they were stumped. Spiritual things are understand spiritually.

He is also the bright morning star. Again, this may be point to the prophecies. The Messiah was recognized by many by his star in the east.

The Spirit, God himself, invites us as individuals to come. Also the bride, the holy city, beckons us to come. And all who are already saved also invite us to come. All who are thirsty, even you (the word is singular), are invited to eternal new life. There is not cost to access the kingdom. It has been paid.

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Rev. 18:14-19

5/6/10 The fruit (results) you have desired, which would likely be unopposed rule, is now obviously not going to happen. Once the saints were eradicated her authority and power would have been complete, and she gets very close to accomplishing her purposes. But something happens. The world will at once come to hate her and at the same time mourn over her destruction, for she was their last hope. They take up a figurative lament as they think of all they have lost by her destruction.

As they watch her crumble they do not assist her for they brought about her destruction. And according to v. 17 it happens in one hour, also stated earlier as one day, signifying a short time rather than a specific time.

The phrase “threw dust on their heads” recalls some Old Testament images, for instance Joshua 7 is the story of the defeat of Israel by Ai when Israel rebelled against God. It also recalls Job’s three friends mourning Job’s losses. The were “confused” friends. Also Lamentations uses similar imagery.

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Rev. 18:7-8

5/3/10 Babylon, at the end of the sixth trumpet and just before the seventh, will be at the height of her power. It appears that her scheme to rule the world unopposed even by the people of God is about to happen. She boasts, “I sit as queen.” The reality is, though, that the bride of Christ is queen. Babylon is a counterfeit. She says she is not a widow, that her husband is God himself. But God commands her doom.

Isaiah 47 is the language used here. God will make his true bride his queen. He will bring on the plagues he has held back. They come quickly in one day (or one hour in other places). It’s doubtful this is a precise time indication but rather a symbol of speed in general. Her pride and luxury will be suddenly stripped from her, her support from the nations of the earth will fall away. She will be burned. This is figurative since an organization can’t really be burned, although things associated with the organization may be literally burned.

And this is all brought about by God who is strong. Babylon, comparatively speaking, never was strong.

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Rev. 18:1-3

5/1/10 Anther angel, the first of the three angels, come down from heaven. Angels are messengers and the three angels represent God’s people bringing this message to the world that Babylon will fall. It is stated as a forgone conclusion even though Babylon has yet to exist in its end-time form.

This angel has great authority and the earth is illumined by his glory. When the message began to be preached it started a movement. This and the next angel unite with the first and the third of the three angels of Rev 14. They are now confirming the warning brought by God’s people. It is time for Babylon to disappear. She has become wholly corrupt. There is nothing good in her. The entire world has followed her willingly and have benefited from her.

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Rev. 17:10-11

4/28/10 The seven heads are seven heads and seven mountains and seven kings. Five have fallen. John is viewing a situation at the time of the end, so perhaps the angel is explaining things from that perspective. If so, the five that have fallen would be from Babylon to the apostate Christian church. The one that is would be the apostate Christian church in its wounded stage. And the other that hasn’t yet come would be the revived apostate Christian church.

This all seems a bit forced, though, because John isn’t viewing the woman and the beast in the wounded stage. When John sees her apostate Christianity has been revived. And also this beast is a representation of the nations of the earth and not the religious beast of Rev 13. Perhaps the option of counting two world empires prior to Babylon is preferable.

The beast to come that was, is not, and will be, is an eighth but is one of the seven. Some suggest it is the sum of the seven not an actual eighth power. The literal translation is it comes “out of the seven.”

I wonder if the unity of the nations of the world could be in view rather than a specific kingdom. There was worldwide unity in John’s day, there wouldn’t be in his future, but there would be again during the time that would be controlled by the woman on the scarlet beast.

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Rev. 17:5-7

4/26/10 On the woman’s forehead a name was written, which many scholars recognize along with her dress and cup, etc, as a parallel to the high priest of Israel. On the priest’s miter covering his forehead was written “Holiness to the Lord.”

The woman is Babylon, a counterfeit of the true people of God. She takes the role of priest and rules the nations of the earth as such. That this title is on her forehead insinuates that this is her conscious choice. She knows what she is doing.

This mysterious Babylon the Great is the threefold combination of the dragon, the sea beast, and the false prophet, which make up a religious confederacy that unites the religious world of all religions and organizations. She is the mother of harlots. Her children are all religions that join her.

She was drunk with her success in persecuting and killing the people of God, the remnant. John was shocked at what he saw. The angel promises to explain what is going on.

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Rev. 17:3-4

4/25/10 Doing what he promised, the angel takes John to show him the great prostitute. In vision he takes John to the desert and there he sees a woman (Babylon, v. 5) astride a scarlet beast (many waters, v. 1).

The many waters is the Euphrates River, which the Bible prophets used as a code word for the resources of Babylon. This woman is controlling the resources of the nations as her own. So they are her resources.

The scarlet beast was full of blasphemy, claiming to be equal to God. It had seven heads and ten horns like the sea beast and the dragon. So it is related to the political powers that came before: Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, and the divided nations that came out of Rome.

The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, the colors of royalty and priesthood. She was covered with gold and rare stones and pearls, most of which priests and royalty wore. She held a golden cup like a priest offering drink offerings, but the cup contained abominable, filthy acts of her immortality.

This woman is the same woman who was carried into the desert to be cared for for 1,260 days, but she has apostatized. She has changed and has become a counterfeit of the pure woman. The great red dragon, the scarlet beast, and the woman clothed in scarlet are significant in that scarlet in the OT symbolizes sin.

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