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Rev. 22:18-22

6/9/10 Jesus is still speaking via his angel and signs the document with his testimony. Then he adds a solemn warning not to tamper with it. This is the same command he gave for the Ten Commandments in the OT. As Jon Paulien points out, few people would consider cutting and pasting in the Bible, but most of us  ignore large portions or are unfamiliar with what it says. This is in effect subtracting from the words of the book. Others think things are written in the Bible that are not, which is effect adding to it. It’s not worth it. The cost is eternal life. We must know our Bibles!

Jesus again states as a foregone conclusion, “I am coming quickly.” And John responds with anticipation.

This brings to a close this devotional study. Find devotional commentaries on other books of the Bible at Also find information about my book on Revelation.

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Rev. 22:1-5

6/5/10 John’s angel guide now shows John inside the city of which the most prominent feature is the river of life and the tree of life. The river flows from the throne of God like the river that Ezekiel saw in chapter 47. There the river was a trickle at the gate of the temple then got progressively deeper.

On either side of the river in Ezekiel were lots of trees, whereas in Revelation one tree is growing on both sides of the river. The tree bears 12 kinds of fruit. This may simply represent the abundance and perfection of the tree and its life-giving qualities, or perhaps it also literally has a different fruit each month for 12 months.

The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. This may be symbolic for the overall situation of peace, comfort, and all necessities of life for God’s people. The Genesis curse on the land will no longer exist. God will dwell there and his people will willingly and joyfully serve and worship him.

His name on their foreheads represents their total consecration to God as well as their characters being like him.

Because God’s glory is there the sun and the moon will be background, fading into the light of God. God himself will illumine his people.

Also they shall reign forever. This no doubt means something about the work God has planned for us, but it may also be understood that we will live like kings. All needs will be cared for.

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Rev. 21:9-14

5/23/10 V. 9, One of the plague angels, possibly the same one who showed John the counterfeit woman in Rev 17, now shows him the bride of Christ. The angel carries him away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain and shows him the Holy City.

I don’t know if there’s any connection but I’m reminded of the last temptation of Jesus when Satan took him to a high mountain and showed him all the nations of the world in their glory. Jesus had resisted the temptation to accomplish something like what John was now seeing, but Satan was offering him an easier way, without the suffering of the cross.

But Jesus had resisted Satan’s temptation and now this was happening in the real way: the Holy City filled with the people of God, ready for sin to be eradicated, and life to be re-created anew.

John describes the city as best he can using the limited language of humanity. He saw the city in terms that he would recognize. To try to build a picture of what the city actually looks like would be impossible from this description.

The number 12 is mentioned again and again with significance. The 12 gates can be translated the “the 12 gates are 12 angels.” On the gates are written the names of the tribes of Israel. One only enters the Holy City by belonging to Israel in Jesus. The wall also has 12 foundations with the apostle’s names written on them.

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Rev. 21:5-8

5/22/10 The curse is finished. Everything will be made new. John is told to write because the word of God is faithful and true, which is the description of Jesus among the church of Laodicea. Laodicea is the overcoming church. And the language here connects this passage with Laodicea in the chiastic structure.

Then he said to me, “It is done.” What God in his foreknowledge began is now finished. It was necessary, but now it’s done. The Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end, these were the claims of the the goddess Hekata in Greek mythology. So John would have been familiar with them. Now, anyone who is craving immortality and life with God, it’s completely available to them. It’s available freely to the overcomers.

Overcoming isn’t easy but it can be done in the grace and strength of God, and the reward that awaits is the worth it. Our reward will be God as our Father and we as his sons. We will not be just another created being, as incredible as that is, but we shall have a special status as sons of God.

However, there will be plenty of people who will not receive this reward.

• The cowardly: those who were ashamed to accept God’s grace for overcoming, too lacking in mortal fortitude.
• The faithless: those who didn’t believe in a way that was life transforming.
• The abominable: those who are vile, unclean, and overall picture of the opposite of beauty of character.
• Murders: those who do not care for life either physically or spiritually.
• The immoral fornicators: they are the prostitute-chasers. That was one definition of the Greek word. This is spiritual language, which ties in with the prostitute on the beast in Rev 17. These are the ones who deceived and believed lies about God and followed after Babylon.
• Sorcerers: Those dealing in the occult and supporting Satan’s side of the conflict.
• Idolaters: those whose most important priority in life is themselves.
• Liars: spiritually speaking those who deceived people and painted a wrong picture of God thereby causing God to lose some of his children. God will not let such activity go unpunished.

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Rev. 21:1-4

5/20/10 John saw bits and pieces of the life to follow the thousand years, but first he sees the New Jerusalem making its descent. The first heaven and the first earth are being re-created. And God’s heaven (the third heaven, 2 Cor 12:2) is being moved to earth and they are being combined. God’s capital will be on earth among his “rulers.”

No longer will there be any sea. Some say that this sea must be literal, citing that heaven and earth are literal so therefore the sea must be also. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be. It would be a pretty obvious possibility for heaven and earth to be literal and the sea to be symbolic given the way that the sea has been used symbolically throughout the book of Revelation. Thus no longer being any sea would symbolize the absence of the negative aspects of nations, peoples, and languages (Rev 17:15). That said, however, there’s no reason that the sea couldn’t be literal as well. That would only mean that when God re-creates the earth it would be easy enough for him to change the earth’s geography to not include massive oceans. However, that detail probably isn’t the primary reason it is included.

So the city of God, the New Jerusalem, comes down as a bride “made ready.” The Greek form of the word there is the completion of a transformation begun in process before.

As the city descends a loud voice announces that God is moving in. He will be among us and live among us. We shall be his in an unfathomable way and he will be our God as he is to no one else.

All pain of the emotional sort anyway, will be over. Death is gone, finished. All that has been of evil are passed away. There is no corner of the universe where the former things still exist, even if they are screaming in pain. In other words, hell can’t be forever ongoing.

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