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Rev. 17:5-7

4/26/10 On the woman’s forehead a name was written, which many scholars recognize along with her dress and cup, etc, as a parallel to the high priest of Israel. On the priest’s miter covering his forehead was written “Holiness to the Lord.”

The woman is Babylon, a counterfeit of the true people of God. She takes the role of priest and rules the nations of the earth as such. That this title is on her forehead insinuates that this is her conscious choice. She knows what she is doing.

This mysterious Babylon the Great is the threefold combination of the dragon, the sea beast, and the false prophet, which make up a religious confederacy that unites the religious world of all religions and organizations. She is the mother of harlots. Her children are all religions that join her.

She was drunk with her success in persecuting and killing the people of God, the remnant. John was shocked at what he saw. The angel promises to explain what is going on.

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Rev. 17:3-4

4/25/10 Doing what he promised, the angel takes John to show him the great prostitute. In vision he takes John to the desert and there he sees a woman (Babylon, v. 5) astride a scarlet beast (many waters, v. 1).

The many waters is the Euphrates River, which the Bible prophets used as a code word for the resources of Babylon. This woman is controlling the resources of the nations as her own. So they are her resources.

The scarlet beast was full of blasphemy, claiming to be equal to God. It had seven heads and ten horns like the sea beast and the dragon. So it is related to the political powers that came before: Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, and the divided nations that came out of Rome.

The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, the colors of royalty and priesthood. She was covered with gold and rare stones and pearls, most of which priests and royalty wore. She held a golden cup like a priest offering drink offerings, but the cup contained abominable, filthy acts of her immortality.

This woman is the same woman who was carried into the desert to be cared for for 1,260 days, but she has apostatized. She has changed and has become a counterfeit of the pure woman. The great red dragon, the scarlet beast, and the woman clothed in scarlet are significant in that scarlet in the OT symbolizes sin.

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Rev. 17:1-2

4/24/10 One of the seven angels (the one with the sixth bowl, we later discover) tells John to come and be shown the judgment of the great prostitute who sits on many waters. John doesn’t see her yet. He is just told to come see.

The great prostitute is shown to him in Rev 17:3 and it is the woman sitting on the scarlet beast who is Babylon Rev 17:5, the great city Rev 17:5. The many waters she sits on are the Euphrates River, which represents peoples, multitudes, nations, and languages Rev 17:15. They are her resources. The harlot is an allusion to Is. 1:21, which says, “How the faithful city has become a harlot, she who was full of justice! Righteousness once lodged in her, but now murderers.”

This woman had once been a faithful church to Jesus Christ, but no longer. Now she “sits” on many waters, her resources, those who support her (see Jer 50:35-38).

The kings of the earth, the nations, come into some kind of illicit relationship with her, presumably because both they and the church thought this would be mutually beneficial. So the prostitute, apostate Christianity, hooks up with the nations of the world. It is a union of church of state. But the inhabitants of the world are just drunk and confused by all of these developments.

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Rev. 16:19-21

4/23/10 The great city, Babylon, is split into its three original parts: the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. The false prophet is the U.S. but it is part of the religious Babylon because it has become a religious figure in some sense.

Also the cities (plural) of the nations fall. The rest of the nations of the world break their unity and there is worldwide division, chaos, and carnage, as they attack one another with the weapons they were going to use against the saints. It is God who is controlling all of this.

At this climax of earth’s wickedness, and after showing over and over that people are unwilling to repent of their wickedness, Jesus finally comes. The earth itself begins to move. Islands sink, mountains melt, huge hailstones fall, and inhabitants of the earth react by cursing God.

It will have been made abundantly clear that God is on the side of his persecuted people and that the wicked are wrong, but they blaspheme God. The line of demarcation is clear between those choosing God and those rejecting him.

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Rev. 16:17-18

4/22/10 Seventh Angel: Finally, the seventh angel pours his bowl out upon the air. And then a loud voice comes out of the naos, Most Holy, saying, “It is done.” This is the second great event where these words are spoken by God. The first time was the judgment on Satan and his forces of evil at the cross. Now, the judgment of everyone in the world is complete. Satan showed his true colors at the cross, the wicked have shown theirs in the plagues. So it is done. This is what God has intended to accomplish: judgment that is clear to the universe.

Great noise, lightning, and thunder come from the throne room and the mightiest earthquake ever rocks the world. Is it a literal earthquake? It could be, but from the text it doesn’t have to be. Because what splits apart is the great city, which is a symbol. So the earthquake could easily represent the miraculous intervention of God to save his people, whatever that may look like.

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Rev. 16:15-16

4/21/10 In the midst of this terrifying time the people of God are to be especially vigilant. Even though it seems that probation will have closed we are to be searching our hearts. We still don’t know exactly when Jesus will come. We must stay awake and Laodicea must purchase clothes from Jesus for coving.

The evil spirits, the counterfeit gospel, goes out to the whole earth and deceives the kings of the earth and gathers them together in some fashion or another for the Mt. Carmel test when the fire falls on the wrong altar.

Har Mageddon is a key allusion to the OT, the full impact of which we can’t very well understand. Megiddo had a heavy symbolic importance to the Jewish culture. We can glean some of it by looking at the OT passages where Megiddo is mentioned. For instance, it was the place where Pharaoh Neco killed King Josiah. But is also a place of victory for Israel in Judges 5.

Deborah and Barak defeated the kings of Canaan when they fought Israel in Judah in Megiddo. The people of God united for the most part and v. 16 says there was great searching of heart. Others despised their lives even unto death. In this great battle the stars in v. 20 fought from heaven. And a woman killed Sisera.

At this great battle of Megiddo, God’s people overcome the forces of evil.

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Rev. 16:13-14

4/20/10 This is Armageddon, last great battle to happen in the final crisis. The gospel is going out to the world in great power and people are being converted to God’s side. So the unholy trinity puts together its own gospel three angels. They look like frogs–the last plague to fall on the Egyptians, which they were able to counterfeit.

These frog-like spirits are spirits of demons performing signs and it’s an allusion to 1 Kg 22 where God is conversing with evil spirits deciding who will go deceive King Ahab. The spirit that is chosen says that he will work through false prophets.

In the context of Armageddon this false gospel and the evil prophets doing miracles convince the nations of earth to gather in unity for the great day of God Almighty. This will be a high point deception after a false Pentecost and false Second Coming. This is the Mt. Carmel experience and this time bringing fire down from heaven is something the false prophet has in his power.

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